The replacement project for the Veterans' Memorial in the Town Square of Jackson, WY banner image for the Jackson Hole American Legion


The Jackson Veterans' Monument has stood in the center of the famous Jackson Town Square (yep, the elk-antler arches) for decades. It had physically degraded, and had become very outdated, as it was impossible to add more veterans' names. So, in 2019, after many years of work by many Post 43 veterans, replacement of the old monument was completed! The photo at right was taken on 9/16/2021, with many visitors to Jackson Hole visiting and enjoying the monument and the Square. A sculpture of the famous Wyoming bucking bronc, Steamboat, and rider, resides is atop the monument. The new monument has comfortable seating for the public, and beautiful black granite panels with room for names of future Jackson veterans to be engraved.

Post 43 still has a need for donations for ongoing maintenance, and for engraving of names on the panels in the future. PLEASE DONATE generously to honor those who have offered their lives for the freedom, security and prosperity of our country. WE SINCERELY THANK YOU.


A significant effort was undertaken to develop as complete a list as possible of qualified veterans for inclusion on the new monument. A QUALIFIED VETERAN must satisfy these criteria:

Veterans who were recognized on the old monument, current members of Post 43, and veterans' names who were communicated to the Post in the period prior to construction of the new monument have been engraved on the monument panels. If you are a veteran, or know of a veteran who meets the above criteria, please CONTACT us so we may qualify and include that veteran in our master list. There are two "empty" panels, ready to accommodate names of Jackson area veterans at some time in the future, when there are enough new names to justify having the engraver work on the panels in the Town Square. Over time, newly qualified veterans' names will continually be added to the panels.

We sincerely thank the many generous donors from our community who have provided the funding necessary to complete this major project. See the list of donors here.

Post 43 still has an urgent need for donations to complete the Veterans' Memorial project, and to fund future maintenance and the engraving of additional veterans' names in the future. PLEASE DONATE generously to complete this monument project to honor those who have offered their lives for the freedom, security and prosperity of our country. WE SINCERELY THANK YOU.